Impact Capital Africa

Bringing Zambian businesses and impact investors together to do deals.

Limited access to affordable finance in Zambia remains a significant issue for many of the country’s most promising growth-focused businesses. In response to this ongoing issue, Impact Capital Africa was established in 2018 to bring Zambian firms and impact investors together in Lusaka with the aim of doing deals.

Most of the companies looking to raise finance were successful Zambian companies looking to raise from approximately $250,000 – S5 million through equity, debt or a blend of mechanisms.

However, there was an additional opportunity for companies in earlier stages of growth looking for smaller amounts in the region of $50,000 – $200,000, principally through angel investor participation.

The focus for this was a conference held in in October but in the weeks and months prior to that, specialist advisers worked with the businesses to get them ready for the investment and due diligence processes that are a vital part of raising finance.  This preparation was supported by PEPZ through a cost-sharing process.

2018 conference highlights:

  • 209 attendees
  • 8 panel sessions
  • 4 sector briefings
  • 4 spotlight addresses
  • 24 speed pitches from investment-ready Zambian firms
  • Over 60 investment conversations which are being followed up post-conference

Raising capital is a time-consuming activity and so we await, hopefully, for news in the coming months of deals being agreed between investors and Zambian firms. We will keep you posted.

See what people thought of the conference at the Impact Capital Africa website

If you are looking for inward investment to seriously grow your business this could well be an opportunity you would want to explore. Watch out for details for future rounds of Impact Capital Africa

What is impact investment?

“Impact investments are investments made into companies, organizations and funds with the intention to generate social and environmental impact alongside a financial return. Impact investments.”

What that means for you is that if your company can demonstrate that an investment will deliver a social or environmental benefit as well as a solid financial return, there are investors who would be interested.  However, accessing these finance streams needs specialised networks which is just what Impact Capital Africa is offering.


You can check out more details at the Impact Capital Africa website:

The team behind Impact Capital Africa

  • The Musangu Foundation, a UK-based social enterprise which uses collective capital from its partners to fund and invest in entrepreneurs, social enterprises and NGOs, with a focus on livelihood creation and financial independence.
  • Private Enterprise Programme Zambia PEPZ’s role within ICA is to work with specialist business advisers (including Open Capital Advisors and Kukula Capital) to find and prepare suitable companies in Zambia who are looking for investment.
  • Exigent Events, a specialist global events organisation team.



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