What is PEPZ?

Private Enterprise Programme Zambia: Profitable growth for business, inclusive growth for Zambia

The Private Enterprise Programme Zambia (PEPZ) supports profitable business growth across three focus sectors; food and agriculture, mining and mining supplies, and tourism and hospitality.

We work in partnership with the private sector to promote Zambian agricultural productivity and food processing, strengthen Zambian manufacturing in the mining sector, and increase the local share of the tourist spend.

Our objective is to increase the size and capability of Zambian firms. We help Zambian businesses to invest, add value and create jobs by:

·       Providing strategic guidance and technical assistance

·       Off-setting some of the risk associated with innovation

·       Facilitating market linkages within value chains

PEPZ promotes inclusive economic growth – growth that benefits the many, not the few – by influencing private sector behaviour. We focus on businesses and sectors that can help people who face particular barriers to participating in or benefiting from business and economic growth:

·       Remote rural populations

·       People with disabilities

·       Women

·       Young people

Success Stories