What PEPZ Does

Since it launched in 2014, the Private Enterprise Programme Zambia (PEPZ) has already helped more than 2,000 micro, small and medium sized businesses to develop and grow. We achieve this in a number of ways through our four inter-connected components.

Firstly, the PEPZ Business Linkages team works to strengthen the relationship between large corporates and local companies that supply goods and services. We find potential partnerships between local suppliers and large enterprises. We then provide information and technical assistance in order to help suppliers achieve the requirements demanded by big companies so that working together becomes a mutually beneficial business reality. We have exceptionally strong links with some of key business operators in sectors ranging from mining to supermarkets and agro-processing, all committed to expanding local procurement.

Secondly, the PEPZ Business Development Services team helps growing businesses by encouraging them to understand where external consultancy, upskilling and support would be helpful. We then assist local companies to access appropriate service providers who can help business owners and managers make the most of their opportunities. To make this a reality we form partnerships with key enterprises that work with small and medium-sized businesses to encourage local firms to work with advisers and consultants in order to:

  • Improve their chances of accessing affordable finance.
  • Open up new market opportunities, including through PEPZ Business Linkages.

For people with a great idea for a new business or expansion of an existing one, we have the Nyamuka Zambia business Plan Competition. Through the competition we help entrepreneurs craft their ideas into a proper business plan, supported by training and advice including, in the latter stages of the competition, one-to-one mentor support. Winners receive:

  • Cash injections into their business ranging from K75,000 to K250,000
  • Support and encouragement for 12 months following their win
  • Additional technical and business support via the PEPZ Business Development Services team

The PEPZ Accelerator Fund was set up to address a specific need. Mining expansion is driving rapid economic, social and population growth in North-Western Province which presents big opportunities for local firms to meet the local supply gap. However many firms lack the management skills and finance to exploit the local opportunities. Called Kukula Seed, the PEPZ Accelerator Fund is the only Zambian private equity fund. By investing actively alongside technically strong industry-specific partners, the fund provides finance to businesses by actively incubating start-up companies. The aim is to create financially viable medium to large sized companies which will provide long-term job opportunities.

Success Stories