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The Nyamuka Zambia Business Plan Competition aims to bring forward and showcase the best entrepreneurial talent in Zambia and help those entrepreneurs plan for success.
Every good business must have a good business plan, a roadmap that helps you develop your business, run your firm effectively and grow. It is also a vital document if you wish to raise loans or investment capital.
So for anyone who has a compelling idea that they want to see flourish into a great business start-up, or someone who has exciting expansion plans for an existing enterprise, the business plan competition could help make that move towards success.
In both the 2015 and 2016 seasons of Nyamuka Zambia, the winner of the top prize walked away with a K250,000 for their business and in 2017, another person will win that sought-after top prize. In addition, another 9 aspiring entrepreneurs will walk away with prizes ranging from K75,000 to K200,000.
The application period for 2017 is now closed. However you can join us and the semi-finalists for the Nyamuka Zambia National Business Conference to be held in Lusaka on 20 July 2017. You can also follow the progress of the people participating in this year’s competition at www.nyamukazambia.com and on Facebook.

Success to date
Aspiration Achievement
Aspiring entrepreneurs receiving cash injections for business 40
Additional investment attracted into the 40 businesses K 5 million
People attending business essentials workshops and clinics 2,826


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