Bedrock Africa’s national safari guide training scheme bears fruit

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PEPZ-intervention partner, Bedrock Africa, launched its integrated training scheme for tour and safari guides in 2016 and in 2017 saw its first graduates. Nationally accredited through TEVETA and developed as part of a country-wide initiative, the scheme aims to see all transfer, safari and specialist guides fully trained and registered to ensure that Zambia can offer visitors the best guiding experience possible.
Zambia is now the only country in the region apart from South Africa to have a recognised national scheme. Already, 14 guide-trainers have been trained through a bespoke course and 73 guides have completed the first stage of their training. Dori and Rory McDougall of Bedrock are anticipating up to 200 people to complete courses in the 2017-2018 season.
PEPZ has supported Bedrock in the development of the scheme, including the production of the 6 Zambia-specific manuals that underpin the training scheme.

Brighton Mofya [bottom row, 3rd from right in pale green shirt], a guide at Kasanka National Park, recently introduced PEPZ team leader James Blewett to the 10 million fruit bats that descend on this tiny national park every year during the October – December period.
Brighton completed Bedrock’s Transfer Guide training in September and is now studying hard for the Safari Guide award which he hopes to complete early in 2018. He is delighted that he now has a nationally recognised qualification, seeing it as demonstrating a great partnership between the guides, Bedrock Africa and the Government through the Ministry of Tourism and TEVETA which is responsible for the accreditation. “It is very good that the courses are so comprehensive. We need to know all sorts of things which the training covers and the manuals are very good”.

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