Calls for Innovation Partnerships

PEP Zambia is seeking Concepts for Innovation Partnerships in each of its sectors. The core PEPZ mandate is to promote inclusive economic growth and poverty reduction through the distribution as well as the growth of wealth in Zambia. Each of our initiatives and intervention partnerships supports investment in business innovation- new products, services or business models – designed to address the systemic constraints that limit market access and market participation for many Zambian MSMEs. We want to see more Zambian MSMEs participating – and participating more fully – in their relevant sectors so as to secure a greater proportion of the profits in the sector.

Our target beneficiaries are working-age Zambians who live in poverty or near poverty, and we make strenuous efforts to ensure that the most economically disadvantaged and marginalised groups – women and youth, rural communities and people with disabilities – also share in the benefits of economic growth.

As part of our 2019 strategy, we aim for larger, more complex and diversified initiatives that take on substantial challenges and opportunities in the Zambian food production and agriculture sectors. In line with this goal, PEPZ is soliciting Project Concepts under several initiatives, which we will consider for support through 1) grants for technical assistance, 2) grants to incentivise/de-risk investment, 3) support for market linkages facilitation and 4) general business support. 

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