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For Zambian firms who want to supply big business

PEPZ Business Linkages can help you open doors to big market opportunities.
Our aim is to help small and medium sized Zambian companies work together with big businesses in ways that last and are beneficial to all. This applies to suppliers of services as well as goods.
We will help you understand what it is that the big corporates need from their suppliers and we will help you access appropriate technical assistance, mentoring and coaching to ensure that you develop the ability to reach those requirements. Then you could soon be on your way to becoming part of these large value chains.
The first place we start is to work out which large corporate buyer would be a good partner for your organisation. We then work with you to conduct a review of your company, bearing in mind the requirements of the potential client, so that we can find out where the gaps are that we then help you fill.
Once you start trading we will continue to be there for advice and support so that your new business relationship can develop into a strong and long-lasting one.
And if you are worried about keeping details of your business private, we operate under a full confidentiality agreement which will ensure that your business details remain safe.
Do you think this is the next step for your business? Simply get in touch.

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Partner With Us

  • Partner With Us

    Unlike some other programmes, PEPZ is delighted to cooperate with commercial organisations and private sector partners as well as member organisations, official bodies and government institutions.
    If you would like to explore ways that your organisation could benefit from linking with PEPZ, get in touch.