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For large corporates who want to expand local procurement

PEPZ Business Linkages can help you open doors to quality local suppliers.
As a leading and forward-thinking corporate operating in Zambia, you want to be able to increase the amount of local content in your operations. However we know that it can be difficult to find suppliers who truly understand your requirements and can deliver to the standards that you need. That is where the PEPZ Business Linkages comes in.
The Business Linkages process begins with us developing a deep understanding of your business needs, working closely with your buyers and supply chain managers to identify potential sourcing opportunities. We also get to grips with the pre-qualification, qualification and tendering requirements of your company before jointly drawing up a plan for matchmaking and development of suppliers.
We then work with appropriate local firms who can grow to meet your needs, delivering the products and services you want with the consistency and quality that you and your customers demand.
And if you are worried about keeping details of your business private, we operate under a full confidentiality agreement which will ensure that your business details remain safe.
Do you think this is the next step for your business? Simply get in touch.

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Partner With Us

  • Partner With Us

    Unlike some other programmes, PEPZ is delighted to cooperate with commercial organisations and private sector partners as well as member organisations, official bodies and government institutions.
    If you would like to explore ways that your organisation could benefit from linking with PEPZ, get in touch.