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A door to information about doing business in Zambia

If you are a large business looking for a local supplier, where do you go when there are no real databases of vetted suppliers? And if you are a potential supplier wanting to tender for business, how can you make a bid that meets the buyer’s requirements when you can’t find out what they are? The Business Linkages team have put in place a practical way to address this issue. Our solution? To set up an electronic market place. This will allow suppliers and buyers to exchange vital information as well as hosting electronic tools to enable buyers to submit tender information and to receive bids from suppliers.

What is the Portal?

Essentially, the Portal is a database of vetted suppliers of both goods and services who are ready to work with large corporates. But it is also where suppliers can find out about opportunities such as calls for tender. This is also where potential suppliers can find details of the qualification criteria and conditions that need to be met in order to win contracts. Over time this will address the urgent need for transparency from the corporations regarding the procurement requirements which they want the suppliers of goods and services to meet.
The Portal will also carry up-to-date information about private and public trade fairs, details of national policies, international business news, etc.

How much does it cost to use the Portal?

The great news is that signing up and using the Portal is for now free to both suppliers and buyers. What have you got to lose?
The Portal is now open for registrations at

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