Business Linkages

Growing businesses by promoting local procurement

Zambian big business is dominated by national and multi-national corporates and unfortunately many rely on high levels of imported goods and services that could be supplied locally. Corporates have high expectations of local suppliers in terms of quality, consistency, delivery, deadlines etc and local companies tend to lack both understanding of what is required and knowledge of how to meet those requirements.

The PEPZ Business Linkages team aims to open up major markets for Zambian companies by forging partnerships between local suppliers and large corporates. To make these partnerships possible we provide information and technical assistance to bring local companies to the levels demanded by big business and assist anchor companies to work positively with local businesses so that all benefit.

We have strong links with key business operators in Zambia and are building a three-way relationship between PEPZ, the Government of Zambia and key large corporates to facilitate and promote procurement from local companies.

Success to date

Large corporate companies enlisted 14
Zambian supplier companies enlisted  97
Zambian supplier companies’ increase in annual turnover £7.7 million / K88 million

Business Linkages Success Stories

Future events

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    Impact Capital Africa
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